The most delicious Korean BBQ in Singapore

Singapore has a lot of Korean restaurants offering buffet options at really affordable prices. However, as we can see from Korean dramas and compare, some of them are still lack of authenticity and quality. Understanding that Koreans are very cultured eaters, many people here have always been looking for a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore where they can experience exactly the Korean style of eating BBQ without any physical step to Korea. 

How a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore look like?

The first criteria to evaluate a delicious Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore is authenticity. We should look for a restaurant that is operated by Korean (and better with Korean staffs also) so we can have a chance to witness they professionally grill the meats in the Korean way and eat it in a Korean manner. 

Especially, if the meat is grilled by charcoals, instead of typical gas stoves, there should be in-house smoke-suction tubes provided to leave the restaurant smoke-free. 

Normally, they will offer plentiful kinds of meat that would be expected from a typical Korean BBQ, including pork collar, pork belly, boneless chicken, beef and prawn, and also the marinated meats with various sauces such as soya, pepper, spicy. Moreover, some cooked side dishes should be served as well. 

Where is the most delicious Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore?

Among several Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, I would like to recommend to you “HELLO Korean BBQ” which is operated by a Korean family. I can say that there is nothing to argue about the authenticity of this restaurant, from the restaurant decoration to the quality of food, they are all 100% Korean style.

When having a buffet here, I got a tip advised by the lady-boss of this delicious Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore is trying the plain pork belly with lettuce and bite-sized chilled kimchi. Most Koreans love to eat their plain pork that way since the quality of both of the pork collar and pork belly can be easily seen and tasted in the plain version.

Hello Korean BBQ | photo by Korean community. SGCT

Besides, HELLO Korean BBQ also offers the meat with soya sauce that is really tasty and juicy. But I love the pepper version more as it gives a very mild peppery taste to the meat with complements the original flavour and adds a different yet pleasant heat to the palate.

Moving on to the spicy version, the sauce is served at the side so you can mix them together when you grill the meat. Thus, the spiciness is actually very light and mild.

Here is summary for those who wanna get quick informations. Hello Korean BBQ where located in Singapore, their restaurant well known as unlimited free flow Korea bbq. Below are more helpful informations.

안녕하세요 HELLO Korean BBQ

Address: 45 Circular Rd, Singapore 049400

over 10 Buffet Items Includes (Price: $28++) : Salt Pork Collar, Soya Pork Collar, Pepper Pork Collar, Plain Pork Belly, Thin Pork Belly, Soya Pork Belly, Soya Chicken Leg Boneless, Pepper Chicken Leg Boneless, Spicy Chicken Leg Boneless, Prawns.

Hello Korean BBQ | photo by Korean community SGCT

Having a BBQ buffet in HELLO Korean BBQ not only help you to learn how to eat Korean BBQ in the right way, but this great Korean restaurant also brings to you the hospitality, sincerity, and thoughtfulness. Awesome authentic experience on TOP of great quality food will definitely keep you coming back!

Weekdays : 5.30pm – 11.59pm (Last order 11pm)
Sat, Sun & PH : 11.30am-2.30pm

(Last order 2pm) & 5.30pm – 11.59pm (Last order 11pm)

Reservation: 6438 6651

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