Everything you need to know about the South Korean Actress who may be convicted for hunting endangered clams on reality TV show

first.PNG                                        Actress Lee Yeol Eum / Taken from SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle’

South Korean actress Lee Yeol Eum is currently under fire for hunting endangered Giant Clams in the latest episode of television series ‘Law of the Jungle’.

2nd.PNG                                                           Taken from Lee Yeol Eum’s Instagram

Lee Hyun Jung or better known as her alias Lee Yeol Eum (23 years old), made her television debut through JTBC’s weekday drama series, ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’, in 2013. She played the role of a high school student who protects her family from her father’s extramarital affair. Following the airing of the drama, Lee received compliments for her excellent portrayal of the character. 

Consecutively, as she starred in MBC Drama Festival’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’, KBS Drama Special’s ‘Middle School Student A’ and et cetera, Lee has since received a lot of attention from the public for constantly being the top searched keyword.

third.PNG                                                          OCN Drama Series, ‘My First Love’  
Extreme left (Lee Yeol Eum) / tvN Drama ‘High School King of Savvy’
fifth.PNG                                                              tvN Drama ‘High School King of Savvy’

After starring in tvN’s drama series, ‘High School King of Savvy’, in 2014, Lee has seen a rise in her popularity. She has since starred in various other drama series such as SBS’s ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ and ‘The Village – Achiara’s Secret’, KBS1’s ‘Save the Family’ and OCN’s ‘My First Love’.

Through her latest appearance in SBS’s Variety show, ‘Law of the Jungle in Lost Island’, she has demonstrated her unexpected swimming skills which have attracted the attention of many. It is also revealed that her mother is KBS’s 11th freelance actor, Yoon Young Ju.

Mother-and-daughter pair / Behind (Yoon Young Ju) and Front (Lee Yeol Eum)

On 29 June (Korean Standard Time) during the broadcast of SBS’s ‘Law of the Jungle in Lost Island’, Lee was portrayed hunting 3 Giant Clams on Koh Mook Island in Trang, Thailand.

The cast were also seen feasting on the Giant Clams they hunted in the trailer for the said episode. As soon as the Thailand National Park were told of the incident, it was announced that Lee would be going through police investigations for violating the Wildlife Protection Law.

If convicted under the law that prevents the hunting of endangered species, Lee could face up to 4 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to 40,000 Baht (approximately SGD $400).

Words by Qistina Roslan

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