Produce X 101’s Final 11 REVEALED!

In tonight’s finale episode of Produce X 101, the final 11 members who made it into the Debut Team were finally revealed!

Initially, only 10 members will be selected. But the next trainee with the highest votes, will also gain a place in the team as the (X) member.

At 11th (X) place, is Brand New Music’s Lee Eun Sang, who made the Debut Team, X1, by a hairline, with 3,164,535 votes.

Lee Eun Sang / Photo By: MNET

Starship Entertainment’s Kang Min Hee placed 10th with 749,444 votes.

restmb_allidxmake.jpegKang Min Hee / Photo By: Bigdata NEWS

At 9th place is Woolim Entertainment’s Cha Jun Ho, who got a total of 756,939 votes.

Cha Jun Ho / Photo By: Candy Boy 

Coming at the 8th place is rapper Nam Do Hyun from MBK Entertainment with 764,433 votes.

Nam Do Hyun / Photo By: MNET

Also from MBK Entertainment, Lee Han Gyul, clinched 7th place with 794,411 votes.

Visual Lee Hangyul makes a scene after bringing EXO's 'Love Shot' to 'Produce X 101' 1.jpgLee Han Gyul / Photo By: Unknown

At 6th place is Son Dong Pyo from DSP Media. He garnered a total of 824,389 votes.

s2jpg.jpgSon Dong Pyo / Photo By: Unknown

Placing 5th is Yuehua Entertainment’s very own Cho Seung Yoon, with 929,311 votes.

Cho-Seung-Youn.jpgCho Seung Yoon / Photo By: MNET

Coming up at Top 4 is yet another Starship Entertainment’s trainee, Song Hyung Jun. Known for his cute persona, Song had a final score of a whopping 1,049,222 votes!

Song Hyung Jun / Photo By: 

With 1,079,200 votes, the show’s ‘Sexy Icon’, Plan A Entertainment’s Han Seung Woo, placed 3rd.

4hanseungwooranks-han-seungwoo-2.jpgHan Seung Woo / Photo By: About Time

The Runner Up for Produce X 101, the 3rd run of the Produce series, that battled for the first place with 1,304,033 votes is none other than TOP Media’s Kim Woo Seok.

kim-wooseok-cover-pic.jpgKim Woo Seok / Photo By: Unknown

Finally, the Champion and ‘Center’ of X1 is OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yo Han, beating Kim Woo Seok, with 1,334,011 votes.

oui-kim-yohan.jpgKim Yo Han / Photo By: Unknown

The Final 11 were announced on July 19, through a live broadcast in Korea.

Words by Qistina Roslan

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