Goo Ha Ra’s Ex-Boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, may be sentenced to 3 years in prison

Goo Ha Ra’s (28) ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum (28), may be sentenced to 3 years in prison by the Prosecution. The latter has also requested the judging panel to issue a mandate to Choi, to go through official education on Sexual Violence, Disclosure of Personal Details and the Restriction of Employment towards Children.

Choi Jong Bum / Photo By: Dispatch

Choi Jong Bum has attended the hearing that would finalise the charges against him, today, July 25, at the Seoul Central District Court. He will be charged under the allegations of violating a special law categorised under Sexual Violence which includes filming using a camera, causing injury, issuing threats, causing property damage and more.

Prosecution announced that Choi has “inflicted incurable pain upon celebrity Goo Ha Ra and that “anyone unsatisfied with a breakup who then threatens to ‘expose’ the other party should be judged by law.”

The Prosecution has also commented on Choi’s behaviour in court. They said, “Let’s not talk abut asking for forgiveness, Choi has been denying all allegations against him, saying that the implications he’s faced are heavier and that he could not accept them.”

To this, the Prosecution had requested the Judging Panel to “take into consideration the seriousness of his crimes and the slander Goo had to face. Moreover, Goo had to go through that twice.”

Choi’s side has denied the allegations and Choi’s lawyer added that “the investigators and the media were the parties who have bridled Choi into someone who would commit ‘Revenge Porn'” and that “if Choi had the intention of threatening Goo, he wouldn’t have reported the situation to the Police.”

Choi’s latest statement is that “this was an issue between a man and a woman and between lovers.” “I am apologetic for causing this much concern to the public,” he added.

Goo’s lawyer appealed, “Choi has put the victim through hell but he does not even show a single hint of reflection so we request that that he gets punished harshly through the requested sentence.”

On another note, Choi was under suspicions of exposing Goo’s private parts through an illegal secret filming, last August. That same year on September 13, a lawsuit was filed against him for inflicting injury on Goo during an argument and threatening to spread the video.

The Judging Panel will be conducting the final hearing on an afternoon on August 29.

Article By: Dispatch

Translated By: Qistina Roslan

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