[BREAKING] Kang Daniel & Twice’s Ji Hyo are dating!

Solo artist Kang Daniel (24) is currently swept up in dating rumour with TWICE’s Ji Hyo (23).

According to ‘Dispatch’, Kang and Ji Hyo were caught on film in the midst of a date at Hannam-dong, and have been dating since the start of the year.


Dispatch added that their dates are mainly held at Kang’s house in Hannam-dong as “TWICE members live in a dorm” and there would be a lack of privacy.

Moreover, Kang’s house is a luxurious villa that is protected by tight security which makes it easy for Ji Hyo to go around.

Despite their busy schedules, “the two have made time for dates.” For example, when Kang was preparing for his solo debut and when TWICE was busy with their world tour.

When Kang officially debuted on July 25 and went home after his fan showcase, Ji Hyo was found to have visited him.

The two allegedly met through another idol. An insider said, “Kang and Ji Hyo are close friends of the senior idol.”

The relationship is allegedly already known by other TWICE members, as the photos taken show Ji Hyo being dropped off at Kang’s house using their cars.

Photos By: Lee Seung Hoon, Lee Ho Joon, Min Kyung Bin

Article By: Reporter Jung Young Woo

Translated By: Qistina Roslan 

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