‘Exit’ surpasses 6 million moviegoers – Jo Jung Suk and Yoona snaps a shot wearing rubber gloves!

Just 14 days after the premiere of ‘Exit’ (directed by Lee Sang Geun), the movie has been breaking records, recently surpassing the 6 million mark!

This was revealed by the Korean Film Council when they gathered data for the amount of stubs bought for the movie on August 13.

‘Exit’ has been recording a high amount of ticket purchases, significantly at 1 million on the 3rd day of release, 2 million on the 4th, 3 million on the 6th, 4 million on the 8th and 11 million on the 5th.

(From left) Director Lee Sang Geun, Yoona, Kim Ji Young, Jo Jung Suk and Kang Ki Young / Photo By: ‘Exit’ 

To commemorate this milestone, Director Lee and the cast of ‘Exit’ uploaded pictures and videos while sporting yellow gloves that helped in their survival in the movie.

In the movie, the cast were seen using easily found items like trash bags, gas masks situated at train stations, rubber gloves and box tape to aid them with survival. The accessibility of these items have attracted attention in Korea.

Additionally, instead of portraying sensation and violence, the movie has gained a lot of fame for its thrilling action scenes and relatable humour. The movie has also gained status for being family-friendly – which you can watch also with a significant other or friends!

‘Exit’ tells the story of a young, unemployed man named Yong Nam (played by Jo Jung Suk) who runs into a former fellow college student, Eui Joo (played by Yoona). The two try to escape the city that gets enveloped in a mysterious toxic gas.

Words By: Reporter Jung Yoo Jin

Translated By: Qistina Roslan

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