Happy Independence Day, South Korea!

South Korea’s Independence Day (광복절/Gwang-Bok-Jeol) falls on August 15, every year.

As we look back to the past week where we celebrated Singapore’s National Day (August 9), South Koreans are celebrating the country’s independence for the 74th year (1945) a little differently this year.

In commemoration of the country’s Independence Day, South Korean web portal, Naver, organizes a campaign that offers a chance for netizens to donate for a good cause.

“All you have to do is shout out “Hooray, South Korea!”” / Photo: Naver

By just shouting, “Hooray, South Korea!”, using the mic function on their site, you play a part in donating some funds to contribute to the living environment of the descendants of independent activists from the ‘Habitat for Humanity Korea’. For every 10,000 participants, 1,000,000 Won (approx SGD1142), will be donated.

Instructions to play a part in the donation. By far, 313,299 people have participated. / Photo: Naver

As of August 15, 11.30am KST (10.30am  SGT), 313,299 people have participated, garnering over 30,000,000 Won (approx SGD34,278)

Do you want to contribute to this charitable movement? All you have to do is click on the mic icon here, and shout, “Daehan Minguk Manse!”, and you’ll be contributing to the good cause all the way from Singapore!

Try it out now!

Words By: Qistina Roslan


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