Big Hit, hits 200 Billion Won in revenue in the first half of 2019 and BTS to release a Drama series next year!

World renown K-Pop group, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, just announced that it hit 200 Billion Won (approx. SGD 230 Million) in revenue just this first half of 2019.

Big Hit’s founder and Co-CEO, Bang Si Hyuk announced the news during a presentation called ‘An Explanation of Big Hit with the Community’ held today, August 21 at 10am, at Gangnam-Gu Daechi-Dong.

Big Hit’s high revenue can be credited to its album and music release, concerts, contents, MD (fan merchandise) and more. Their business profits have also increased from 39.1 Billion Won (approx. SGD 44.9 Million) to 64.1 Billion Won (approx. SGD 73.7 Million) from the previous year.

Going forward, Big Hit has announced plans to explore creating webtoons, fiction, animation, comic books, drama series, full 3D animated movies and more genres to create a trans-media approach.

BTS / Photo: Big Hit

Additionally, Bang announced that Big Hit will be collaborating with a famous Korean drama production company to release a BTS drama series late next year. The plot will revolve around the first meeting of the 7 members and there will be a casting for the roles of the young version of them.

Also, Big Hit is currently collaborating with Net Marble to produce the second BTS video game using the BTS IP (intellectual property rights).

Words By: Yeonhap News

Translated By: Qistina Roslan

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