What planes do Korean Air use 4

What air planes do Korean Air use?

Founded in 1946 as Korean National Airlines, Korean Air’s fleet of 164 Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier planes primarily consist of three-cabin (First Class, Business Class and Economy Class) configurations. This article is going to show you what planes do Korean Air use so you can have the most satisfying trip.

1. Boeing – B747 8i – what planes do Korean Air use the most

At first-class of Boeing B747 8i, the Kosmo suites 2.0 is a complete, top quality service with ultimate privacy provided by the sliding door that allows you to see through when seated inside with the door closed with upgraded high-technology.


Besides, your flight will not be bored as you can enjoy the high-tech in-flight entertainment system with an enlarged screen, higher resolution, and upgraded fun. Moreover, Boeing – B747 8i also provides you easy-to-use seat control button of the intuitive design and individual personal closet as well as storage box.

At Prestige Class, the prestige suites are designed for your ultimate privacy since there is easy access to the aisle without asking other people to get out of their seat or you being disturbed. Additionally, there are 17.2-inch wide seats with sliding cushion and 118-degree recilning back.


2. Boeing B777 – 200ER

B777 – 200ER is known as one of the most modern airplanes of Korean Airlines. Its first-class consists of Kosmo Suites with luxury features such as a 180-degree full-flat seat that ensures maximum comfort, individual wide-screen movie theater with multifunctional controller and convenient reading lamp.


Specially, you can feel at home in the air with the prestige sleeper at prestige class that guarantees the best comfort and freedom during your flight and a one-touch button offers convenience and freedom to change seat positions to suit your needs.

Its economy seats are the same as the ones of other Boeing airplanes with 118-degree reclining back support offers exceptional comfort, unlike any other economy-class.  

3. Airbus A380

When asking “what planes do Korean Air use”, we must mention A380 that offers complete privacy and quality with their first-class seats. You can enjoy the movie theater in the sky by a 24-inch personal LCD monitor.


There is also prestige sleeper in prestige class with one touch away from your favourite seat position and angle as well as a 15.4-inch LCD monitor and great audio and video on demand choice.


Compare to other airplanes of Korean Air, the ergonomically at economy class do not have much difference. It is designed for enhanced space and comfort. Many customers have given good reviews about the economy class of Airbus A380 as they have experienced a “dream flight” provided by this Korean National Airlines .

As we can see, Korean Air only uses up-to-dated aircrafts that give you an amazing experience when flying with them from the good features of the seats to the entertainment selection. Hence, Korean Airlines should always be customer’s first consideration when flight aboard from Korea.   


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