Klook - one of the the best korean english apps for your trip to South Korea

The best Korean English apps for your trip to South Korea

Traveling oversea can be daunting, even when it’s South Korea – one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations. Fortunately, there are a few apps that will make your travels much easier. So, here are the best Korean English apps for your trip to South Korea that are recommended by K-town.

1.  Korean-English translator apps

Google Translate is a great option but you also check can out Naver Dictionary. Naver Dictionary was developed specifically for translation and also features dictionaries if you are a non-English speaker.

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Another very handy app is WayGo, which will translate street signs, menus or anything into English by pointing your smartphone camera at it.


2.  Korea map apps in English

Of course, Google Maps should be the first application you think of when it comes to map apps, in fact, it’s marginally useful in South Korea since South Korean government does not allow for the storage of topographical data on foreign-based servers which gives the inside running to local map apps. 

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Therefore, we would like to suggest navigation apps are Naver Map and KakaoMap. Try to download both and see which one you prefer. Additionally, Waze is another navigation app well worth considering, particularly for driving.

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3.  Korean subway and Bus apps in English

The KakaoMap app mentioned above is one of the good options as it includes all trains, buses, driving and walking within a single app and is easy for English speakers to use.

However, you can use Subway Korea app as well, which is brilliant for subway trains in South Korea’s 5 major cities: Seoul, Busan, Taejeon, Kwangjoo, and Taegu if you want a subway specific app. Also, check out Kakaobus for Korean bus app.


For between city train travel you should check out the Korail app – that provides an easy theme to look up the train schedules, at the same time, you can select English to make it easier to read.

4.  Klook App

Klook is an app that helps you to book all of your South Korea tickets and tours with a wide range of options at cost-effective prices.  By setting up an account on Klook, you can have all of your bookings easily at hand and one great feature is that most of their products are set up with electronic vouchers.

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They have a streamlined system to manage your bookings, and you also get loyalty discounts the more you book through them. You can set up your Klook account both on a desktop/laptop and the mobile app and they all synchronise seamlessly.

All of these apps are free and work on both Apple and Android. Your trip will be easier and more relax if you have them in your phone when traveling to South Korea. Check them all out and you’re sure to find exciting things to do!


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