Police have found notes left by Goo Hara

Notes left by Goo Hara have been found

On 24 Nov, Goo Hara was discovered dead her home and her funeral is reported to help privately. The police have notes left by Goo Hara, but have not been able to confirm whether it was a suicide note or not because the content is somewhat ambiguous, they will have to investigate further.


They found the memo on November 25 at the location of her passing and are still deciding whether or not to hold an autopsy.


The Seoul Police Department stated that the notes shows negative thoughts about herself.

“The note was very short and found on the living room table.”, said The Police officials

They continued, “The housekeeper found Goo Hara passed away at her house on November 24 around 6 PM KST. After on-site investigation and testimonies from family and friends, it seems that there are no criminal charges currently.”

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