The best English to Korean translator app for Korean learner

If you are learning Korean and need a little help then you should get yourself a great English to Korean translator app on hand. It will help you look up words as you want to learn them and add them to your study list. Hence, we will introduce to you the best English to Korean translator app for Korean learner so you can choose the right one when you are studying on the go.

  1. Naver Dictionary – The best English to Korean translator app for Korean learner

For iOS, Android and web browser.

It is known as the golden Korean dictionary and translator. When you search for a translation, it pops up with tons of daily conversations and sentences to help you learn its usage as well as idioms, grammar tips, and words-of-the-day.

english to korean app naver

This English to Korean app is best for those who have at least a little knowledge of the language because you must be able to read Hangul comfortably to benefit from it.

  1. Papago Translate

For iOS, Android and web browser.

Papago is an English to Korean app created by Naver so this is like a “lite” version of Naver but the interface is smoother and more simple. You can quickly select your languages and input method: typing, microphone, conversation, or text recognition with your camera.

english to korean app papago

Plus, it includes a place for you to save your words and your history, so you won’t forget what you looked up or part of your conversation. And, it has two features that will be amazing aids for beginners and travelers: a phrasebook and website translator. However, like the Naver translator, it doesn’t include romanization, so you must know how to read Hangul as well. And it doesn’t provide sample sentences or context.

  1. Google Translate

For iOS, Android and web browser. 

We cannot forget google translate, which is the most well-known not only English to Korean but also language translator app with verified translations and various ways to input.

english to korean app google translate

But, as Google Translate is multilingual, unlike some others that focus on excelling only at translating Korean. Asian languages often differ drastically in speech. Many phrases don’t translate well through Google because it wouldn’t be said that way in Korean at all. If you don’t have some basic knowledge of how Korean functions grammatically, it’s easy to get a bad English to Korean translation.

To sum up, Google translate is quick, easy translating on-the-go and best for beginners who have yet to learn to read Hangul as it provides the romanization. So it can be a helpful resource if you can understand Korean enough to catch where grammar might be off or when something may sound more natural.

  1. GreenLife Korean English Translator

For Android only.

Besides being able to translate via text, speech, or conversation, when you enter something for translation, it gives you various suggestions and also tells you what grammatical function a word has in a sentence.

english to korean app greenlife

Additionally, the app includes daily words, crosswords, a vocab building game, phrasebook, flashcards, and offline dictionary. You can email or text yourself translations to study later. With the paid Pro feature, you can have it translate your texts into Korean or English. But the app is not available for iphone users. 

  1. Daum Dictionary

For iOS, Android and web browser.

Same as Naver, this one is listed as the best English to Korean translator app for Korean learner, but it requires knowledge of the language. So it is suitable for advanced learners.

Yet, this English to Korean translator can help you look up words and see their translation, with romanization. Daum is a good option if you want a cross-checking translation. But if you don’t have a solid grasp on the language, you probably won’t be able to find your way around the app. 


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