Korean movies – Tips for first time watching

As Korean pop culture is gaining visibility, Korean movies is quickly becoming so mainstream that you shouldn’t miss out them. Hence, here are some tips for first time watching Korean movies which are the best to check out. 

  1. Know where to watch is one of Tips for first time watching Korean movies

There are many kind of Korean movie on Netflix, or on DVD, with subtitles in various languages. There are also websites for you to watch Korean movies legally  such as Viu.com

For Singaporean, Viu is considered the most convenient since they have a wide variety of Korean movie, and even a great commenting system that gives you the option to see comments in real time on the movie itself (so you can see what people said of that specific scene when they were watching). Moreover, Viu is also available on IOS and Android so that you can watch them easily with your phone. 

  1. Update the type of Korean movies

There are some tips for first time watching Korean movies that you need to know. Korean movies come in two very distinct types: “No knives or deeping kissing because it’s too inappropriate” and “Everybody is brutally murdered plus there’s a lot of sex scene”. 

korean movies Exit
Exit – Korean movie

In the first type, romantic relationships tend to be depicted as very chaste, and violence is dramatic but never bloody. Some of these movies can be either Korean dramas adapted to film, and/or Korean movies star with K-pop idol. They tend to have a lot of montages of trending clothes, food, and fun couple activities. Whereas, in second type, the characters is likely to die in amazing, creative ways. Sometimes there will be even lots of sex scenes for long periods of time and in extremely creative way. And often, these two things will overlap. 

  1. Prepare for emotional intensity

In most movies revenge, family, and honor tend to be in prevalent. You’ll notice that the priorities different characters have vary greatly from what we’ve come to expect from Western movie leads, and that stories play out in ways that are very different from Hollywood.

Korean movies
Miracle in cell no.7 – Emotional Korean movie

Even if you don’t often cry with movies, the combination of unexpected twists and terms with the strong emotional core of the movie is likely to make you emotional as Korean movies usually focus on characters’ values and do some deep character development through excellent acting of the cast. 

  1. Enjoy striking stories

Korean directors are really good at making an art out of combining exquisite cinematographic taste with the brutally unexpected that manage to create intensely gripping stories.

Especially when it comes to historical movie, filmmakers always make the characters hardly ever fit the mold we’ve become used to seeing in heroes and villains. We cannot deny that the complicated tangle of politics, romance and family that they create is incredibly satisfying. Additionally, the beautifully crafted dialogue as well as the amazing outfits of ancient Korean royalty are also plus point. 

Korean historical movie

So now, with those tips mentioned above, you are sure can start choosing your favourite one among many good Korean movies out there. If you are still very confusing, can visit our blog at Koreatownhere.com to refer to some recommendations. 


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