The most trendy Korean hairstyle for girl

If you are fed up with your current hairstyle and looking for some hairstyles which are trendy and amazing or you are just intending to change your hair but don’t know how to start, don’t worry because our today post will show you the most trendy Korean hair style for girl which is layer haircut.

  1. Layered short haircut

Simple but still attractive, short haircut following Korean hairstyle is becoming more and more popular. Bob layered haircut is one of the most trendy Korean hairstyle for girl since this haircut easily go well with different hair color and outfit style. You can also curl the end of the hair to the chin to look more eye-catching.

korean hairstyle bob haircut
Korean hairstyle – bob layered haircut

Layered short wavy haircut is also cute and charming hairstyles for a short cut. Your hair waves can be easily in shape with hair curly iron and hairspray incase you don’t want to damage your natural hair with chemical to curl it.

Korean hairstyle

Moreover, the front bangs also can help you look cuter. It is loved not only by most Korean girls but also by Korean female stars. No one can say no to this adorable haircut, especially when it comes along with layered short haircut that will give you a fashionable and Korean look. 

  1. Layered medium haircut

Layered straight side part hair with long side bangs can be seen as the most trendy Korean hair style for girl as it is really simple to take care. You don’t have to spruce yourself much after wake up to make your hair in shape because you are will totally look good even with a messy layered medium haircut.

korean hairstyle IU

Layered medium hairstyles are quite trendy in Korean since many K-pop idol also choose this hairstyle due to its easy-to-take-care feature. IU, one of the most famous Korean singer and actress make a strong impression with the layered shoulder length hair which is just simple but still attractive.  

This Korean hairstyle can be together with loose wavy and long bangs.

  1. Layer long haircut – the most trendy Korean hair style for girl

Layered long straight hair with long bangs is never an old-fashioned Korean hairstyle. You don’t have to go to hair salon or stand hours in front of mirrors to make some curls, the simplest can be the prettiest. It even goes great with the front bangs that brings you a pure look.

korean hairstyle layered long straight haircut
Layered long straight haircut

However, some natural waves for your layer long haircut is also a good choice. Making C curls at the end of hair adds more nature for your hair and make it look fluffy and attractive. 

Layered C curls hairstyle

There is no doubt that Korean people really love layered long hair because it created volume for hair and easy to style. 

Through this blog post from K-town, hope that you could find the proper hairstyle for your own. Let’s ready to change your appearance and see how beautiful you look !


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