Korean makeup tutorial for beginners

Nowadays, more and more people are in love with Korean beauty and Korean makeup looks have been trending is still going very strong. Hence, to help you achieve the Korean look, we’ve put together Korean makeup tutorial for beginners that you can follow along with quickly and easily.

  1. Skin care

The Koreans are most popular with their bedewed skin as they always make sure that their skin is moisturised and hydrated. Therefore, it is important to always moisturise your skin in the day and night. If you have a dry skin, you can consider using a leave-on moisturising cream that will give you the extra moisture boost that you need.

korean makeup skin care
Skin care

Korean makeup is usually very nature so you need to focus a lot more on skincare that can give you radiant, glowing skin even without foundation or BB cream. So, building a skincare routine that works for you plays a very significant role before learning how to do Korean makeup looks.

  1. Never forget sunscreen – Korean makeup tutorial for beginners 

Before doing makeup, spreading sunscreen on your skin is the most important steps, especially when the sun is an unavoidable element in Singapore’s tropical climate. Koreans place huge importance on protecting their skin from UV rays. You can see that many beauty blogger have often talked about the importance of using sunscreens, and on their makeup tutorials video, they always include one step for sun care.

korean makeup sunscreen
Never forget sunscreen

You might think that a lot of foundations and BB creams nowadays come with SPF so it’s unnecessary to put sunscreen, also the tacky feeling that some sunscreen formulations leave behind makes you uncomfortable. However, you need to know that UV rays will make your skin age faster so please do not forget sunscreen before doing any makeup. 

Nowadays, sunscreens come in different textures and finishes, so don’t give up on finding one that works for you and your makeup routine. 

  1. Using cushion

When it comes to Korean makeup tutorial, cushion compacts is one of must-have item that you should check out. Cushion usually combine makeup and skincare into one convenient formula, so you’d be able to moisturise your skin while doing makeup at the same time.

korean makeup cushion

Moreover, If you are looking for something lightweight but which can also cover blemishes, you can use BB cream in place of foundation and concealer. Additionally, the small, all-in-one packaging of BB cushions are especially suitable for those who travel frequently due to its handy feature. 

Also, there is some Korean makeup tutorial for beginners when applying cushions, work under natural light, such as near a window so you will be able to see exactly how much of the amount you are applying on your face and this can prevent you from accidentally piling on too much coverage. Always remember to extend your base makeup past your neckline for a more natural look.

  1. Aegyo sal for eye makeup

If you are in love with Korean makeup, you must have heard about “Aegyo sal” which is the cute eye bags below your eyes. “Aegyo sal” is considered as the specific point that you can only see on Korean makeup. If you watch any Korean beauty vlogger’s video, you are sure will see them making “aegyo sal” in any makeup look.

korean makeup aegyo sal
Aegyo sal

For eyeshadow, Koreans prefer to keep colours on the eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more natural look rather than having makeup too obviously piled on. As such, it is recommended that you use neutral or light colours, such as orange, pink, or coral. 

For eyeliner, many Korean girls may suggest you to use brown eyeliner instead of liquid liner as it will give you a softer and more natural look. You also can have the cute puppy eyes look by drawing your eyeliner in such a way that the outer end extends outwards and downwards, instead of upwards (which is done in cat eye looks). 


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