Korean street food you must try in Seoul

Just like street food around the world, street food in Seoul can be considered the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to take a sneak peek in the culinary culture of Korea. Therefore, a list of Korean street food you must try in Seoul.

  1. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) is one of the most popular dishes when it comes to Korean street food. It has a thick, blazing hot sauce and the cakes are long, white and cylinder-shaped. As you chew along, you wonder if it’s a tad bit too spicy to handle, but then it’s too late because you find yourself already addicted to this dish.

korean street food tteokbokki

You can buy this dish at nearly every snack bars or street stall around Seoul. The price may vary, depending on where you’re buying, it ranges from 300 Won to 14,000 Won.

  1. Odeng 

Odeng are hot korean street food you must try in seoul, easy-to-eat fishcakes on a skewer. If you are spice- or meat-shy, this is your street-eat saviour. The main flavour is a soft and smooth fishcake, either elongated or flat and folded over, the skewers jutting from steaming vats of broth.

korean street food odeng

It’s really popular in winter and many Koreans drink the soup alongside soju to temper the alcohol’s fire. You’ll find different coloured skewers that correspond to different prices on the price board but normally It price ranging from 500 Won to 8,000 Won.

  1. Kimbap

Gimbap or kimbap is Korean street food but like a sushi roll, made from steamed white rice (bap), some other variations use brown rice, black rice, other kinds of grain can also serve as filling, and various other ingredients such as vegetables and pickles, rolled in seaweed (gim) and served in bite-size slice. The Korean street version is usually pre-made and wrapped in plastic. 

korean street food kimbap

A portion, consisting of about 4 – 6 bite sized rolls goes for 1,500 Won.

  1. Pajeon

These savoury pancakes are a full meal on the go so it should be on the list of korean street food you must try in seoul. The plain version is stuffed with leeks and green onions, while haemul pajeon are filled with lots of squid and sometimes prawns or mussels (depending on how fancy the stall), then fried in batter. Pass a slice of the cakey morsel through the soy dipping sauce while it’s still hot and fresh off the pan.

korean street food pajeon

You can experience your favorite kind of Pajeon at Seoul’s multiple food stands. They usually cost 4-10,000 Won (US$ 3.50-9.00) depending on the variation of the dish.

  1. Patbingsu

This dish is basically shaved ice with red beans, rice cakes, and syrups topping. People often enjoy it in hot summer days, but you can have this korean street food at some cafes all years round.

There are so many variations of Patbingsu. Some of the trendy variants include coffee and green tea Patbingsu with ice cream, fruits as topping. You can have a cup or a dish of Patbingsu at food stalls or cafes in Korea. Price starting at 5,500 Won and goes up to 15,000 Won.


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