Seungri’s Arrest Warrant Has Been Denied For A Second Time

It has just been announced that Seungri‘s arrest warrant has been denied by the courts again.

A Seoul court has again denied an arrest warrant for Seungri, the disgraced former member of BIGBANG who has been accused of overseas gambling and procuring prostitutes for investors.

The Seoul Central District Court dismissed the prosecution’s request to detail Seungri claiming the detention wasn’t deemed necessary or justified after looking into his role and involvement and wrongdoings.

It is the second time that the court has turned down law enforcement authorities’ bid to detain the 29-year-old after the first attempt in May when the court said there was “room for dispute” and little concern that Seungri could destroy evidence. 

Seungri’s Arrest Warrant Has Been Denied

Seungri attended his arrest warrant hearing starting at 10:10 am KST. During his arrival at the Seoul Central District Court, reporters asked Seungri questions, such as “do you admit to your crimes” and “please say something to the citizens of the country,” but Seungri did not say any words prior to entering the courthouse.

Around 1:30 pm KST, 3 hours and 20 minutes after his hearing started, Seungri was seen leaving the courthouse without handcuffs, giving off a slight smile. He boarded the van that was headed for the detention center to await the court’s decision.

Seungri’s Arrest Warrant Has Been Denied

Following hours of deliberation, it was determined by the court that he would not be arrested.

It is difficult to recognize the reason for an arrest after investigating the charges, the degree of involvement by the suspect in some charges, the process of the investigation, and the gathering of evidence.

The suspect has also cooperated in the investigations, and there is the possibility of contention within the charges

— Song Kyung Ho


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