Korean celebrities pray for Philippines

With the message “pray for Philippines” through SNS (social media), many Korean celebrities expressed their prayers as well as support to their fans affected by the Taal volcano eruption.

Korean actor Kim Myung Soo, who was previously part of the group Infinite, thanked his fans who came for his first solo fan-meet on Instagram.

He also showed concern to those who were affected by the eruption, which occurred on the same day as his event.

According to sources, Kim Myung Soo and his entourage had to leave the Philippines via Clark International Airport since all flights NAIA were canceled.

Siwon Choi, a member of Korean group Super Junior and also a regional ambassador for United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) East Asia and Pacific, expressed concern for the Philippines.

Super Junior previously returned to the Philippines for their “Super Show 8” last December 2019.

Furthermore, it was reported that a Filipino ARMY posted a message asking the other BTS fans to help their co-ARMYs who are affected by the calamity.

pray for philippines

BTS V was said to have given a reply to the post, and this gesture made his fans love him even more.

pray for philippines

Actor Park Seo Joon  also sent his wishes through his Instagram account.

Ex member of 2NE1 – Dara, also Twitted her support for the Filipino people. Dara first debuted in the Philippines before moving back to Korea to start her career there as a Kpop idol.

Actor Jung Il-woo also showed his concern by posting a photo of the erupting Taal volcano on his Instagram account with the caption “Pray for Philippines”.

K-Town is also pray for praying for the safety of all out fellow Filipinos friend!


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