Best top 3 Korean BBQ in Singapore 2020

As the Hallyu Wave continues to spread its wings in Singapore, many places posed as ‘Korean Restaurants’ have started to increase. However, how many of them truly possess the authenticity of Korean cuisine? As a Korean who’s been living in Singapore for more than 6 years, there are only a handful which serves food that tastes exactly as it does back home.

This difference is due to the recipes being localised to cater more to the locals’ taste buds. When Koreans get a taste of the ‘different’ Kimchi Stew or Army Stew which they have to pay a mind-blowing high price for, they tend to stop exploring and would rather dine at the restaurants they often frequent.

If you go to Singapore’s ‘Korea Town’, Tanjong Pagar, there are countless of Korean restaurants. By being part of a community “SinGaCculTip” (Golden Tips for Singapore) or SGCT, Koreans living in Singapore – be it students, working adults or housewives, can exchange tips or request for help from other alike individuals. Of course, this includes recommendations for the best eating places or happening events in Singapore!

Last month, we introduced a few restaurants that we thought are the most Korean to the Korean community. Today, we’re sharing the Top 3 to locals who like Korean food or just to whoever who cannot get enough of them!

1. Dondaebak Korean BBQ (buffet $25.90+)

This place is constantly gaining popularity amongst Koreans and locals. They have an atmosphere, interior and even tableware (that’s right, tableware!) that are identical to that of Korean street food stalls! The dishes served properly highlights the uniqueness of Korean food and this could be credited to their Korean Chef who’s had a long experience operating Korean restaurants. A fun fact is that despite the restaurant being famous amongst locals for its free-flow Korean Barbecue (BBQ), it’s known amongst the Koreans for a different reason. Dondaebak Korean BBQ is a haven for …

  • Dondaebak Gamja Tang (Pork Bone Stew) ($35)
dondaebak menu
  • Dondaebak Jokbal (Pig’s Trotters) ($45)
dondaebak menu
  • Dondaebak Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) ($28)
dondaebak menu
  • Dondaebak Black Pork Belly ($28)
dondaebak menu

an ala carte menu. If you ask me to pick a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited refills of meat and are value-for-money, this place is at the top my list! Did I mention that they also use 100% charcoal to grill their meat?

That’s not all. Although the 2 owners of Dondaebak Korean BBQ are not entirely fluent in English, their top-notch service and warm sincerity are known to touch the hearts of locals as well.

Dondaebak road

Dondaebak menu 2020

2. Jangsu BBQ (serangoon )

Although Jangsu BBQ is a restaurant that is not situated in the city, it is constantly gaining recognition and regular customers. Their secret? It’s their meat. 

They only use aged meat which makes for a premium experience due to its flowing meat juices and tenderness. Once you dine here, there’s no going back. Many have been heard to be regulars!

One of their other specialties are the charcoal-grilled meat which is done using a traditional equipment in the kitchen. It grills faster and truly accentuates the taste of the meat which brings you beyond your furthest imagination. This is probably the first and only place you can taste Korean-style grilled aged meat in Singapore.

Another one of their specialties is the Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodles).

It’s a dish that truly calls for applause with the usage of handmade ingredients and fresh fruits. As shared by the owner, the ingredients were put together after lots of research. The final result is a thick broth which finishes off with a clean taste. Did I mention that the male owner is the restaurant’s Main Chef? Having been mentioned on the news in Hong Kong, Chef Park Nae Il, is a renowned individual. His motto in this business is “I don’t play around when it comes to food”. That could be the reason to his drive in making each and every side dish from the wee hours of the morning. In which unsurprisingly, is popular amongst Koreans for tasting just like dishes you can enjoy in conventional Korean neighbourhoods. He is also known amongst residents in Serangoon for his exceptional dishes.

aging meat serangoon

Jangsu bbq menu

3.  GO-K BBQ

GO-K BBQ is another restaurant famous for its aged meat. It does not grill its meat like Jangsu BBQ but it boasts very high quality meat. Under the operation of a Korean owner, the brand is so popular, it has opened 2 outlets in Singapore! They’re located at Amoy Street and Bukit Timah, so head down now!

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