Seoul temperature in winter

There are more and more people are interested in traveling to Seoul during winter. So, K-Town will provide you some useful information about Seoul temperature in winter if you are planning to visit this beautiful country in winter.

  1. Seoul in winter

Seoul – the capital of Korea – located in the northwest of the country, a short distance from the coast of the Yellow Sea, has continental climate, which is cold and sunny in  winter. Like the rest of Korea, the city is affected by the monsoon circulation: in winter, the northwest cold currents will prevail. 

In winter, Seoul temperature is averagely a few degrees below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F); sunshine is quite common, and a cold wind blows from the Asian continent. On colder periods, the temperature remains below freezing even during the day; in the worst moments, at night, it can drop to -20 °C (-4 °F).

seoul temperature winter

Although the winter is a dry season, sometimes it can snow. So if you want to travel to Seoul in winter, you should buy yourself a thick coat to keep yourself warm enough when Seoul temperature comes to minus degree, especially those from hot weather countries in South East Asian. 

The amount of sunshine in Seoul is decent in winter, however, the sky is very clear, it only becomes cloudier since March. That is why winter is considered as nice season for traveler to come and take some photos under shiny and clear blue sky. 

seoul temperature winter

Near Seoul, the sea is very cold in winter so we are not recommending you to drive to the sea when traveling here in winter. But you can try some other activities that can warm up your body like hiking and skating

  1. Seoul in other season (for your reference)

In months right after winter, during the period from March to May (also known as yellow dust season), the yellow (Hwangsa) which comes from the desert of Mongolia and from China might strongly affect the country. Some researches recorded that there is also a contribution given by local pollution, therefore, form a characteristic haze that can bring breathing problems and eye irritation. Hence, the cherry blossom in this season is really beautiful and worth watching but foreign traveler should be aware of these problems.

Seoul temperature in spring is mild and the rainiest season is summer (usually from June to August), in which the amount of rain fall is more than 800 millimeters (31.5 inches). The rains can sometimes be torrential. Usually, the worst month, the wettest and least sunny, is July. In summer, there can also be periods of good weather, which can be very hot, with highs about 35 °C (95 °F) and more. So, it’s not a good choice to visit the country in July.

seoul temperature typhoon

Moreover, you should also consider not going to Seoul from July to early October as Seoul can be affected by typhoons, the tropical cyclones of South-East Asia, although this area of Korea is less exposed than the southern coast.

In conclusion, winter is the best time to visit Seoul for hot and spicy foods and exciting activities. Hope that you can have a good plan of traveling here after reading this article. 


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