K-pop Idols who married in their 20s

There are some K-pop idols who married in their 20s, even while they are still active as an idol. Let’s see who are they!

1. EXO Chen

Kpop idols who married Chen

Vocal from EXO – Chen (27 years old) who just revealed some unexpected but wonderful news in a handwritten letter to fans. He announced that he will be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend. His fiancé is reportedly pregnant with their first child.

2. LABOUM Yul Hui and FT ISLAND Min Hwan

Kpop Idols who married Minwhan YulHui

LABOUM Yul-hee and FT Island member Choi Min-hwan are K-pop idols who married in their 20s. With the sudden announcement of marriage, it became a hot topic that there was already a child between the two. Min hwan and Yul Hui signed the papers to legalize their marriage in January 2018 and the couple welcomed their first child In May.

3.  U-KISS Dongho

Kpop idols who married Ukiss DongHo

Dong-ho from U-Kiss was married at the age of 21, which was the hottest topic at the time of the idol’s youngest marriage. A year later the couple welcomed their cute son Asher into the world. Unfortunately, the couple were in the process of filing for divorce, citing personality differences, after three years of marriage.

4. UKISS Eli Kim

Kpop Idols who married Ukiss Eli

An other member of UKISS who married at young age is Eli Kim. Eli made the shocking announcement that he had married his girlfriend in 2014. Three years later, the couple had their wedding ceremony and celebrated their happiness with their family and friends. If you’re a fan of Mr. House Husband, you’ve probably already seen Eli and his racing model wife’s adorable baby boy Michael Minsoo Kim.


So Hul

One of K-pop idols who married in their 20s is Crayon So Hul. She and her husband Moon Hee Jun managed to overcome a 13 year age gap and were happily married in 2016. So Hul had a premarital pregnancy at a young age and later showed up at the entertainment program to express her feelings. The two welcomed a healthy baby girl in 2017.


Former leader of pop sensation girl group Wonder girls Sunye got married back in 2013 with her husband.  Her union of love with James Park was witnessed by celebrities such as Wonder Girls, J.Y. Park, 2AM, Park Kyun Lim, Bada, JJ Project, Girls’ Generation, and more. Sunye and her husband have three angelic childs, Hailey, Elisha and Madison.


Member of Super Junior – Sungmin and musical actor Kim Sa Eun tied the knot in 2014. Although fans were at first upset about their sudden marriage, they even demanded the permanent exit of Sungmin from Super Junior, however, they eventually wished him all the best.

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