Tanjong Pagar Korean food price guide

Tanjong Pagar well be called K-Town of Singapore with many Korean restaurants that can make you crave for, so here are top 10 popular Tanjong Pagar Korean food price guide. 

  1. Kko Kko Na ra
Tanjong Pagar Korean food kko kko na ra
Kko Kko Na Ra fried chicken

The restaurant is well-known with its fried chicken served along with soju bomb is an ultimate Seoul-style comfort food to destress after a long work day. There was a favourite as the marinate, having been caramelised from the heat, gave it a sweet flavour and the skin remained crispy. The average price here is around 30 SGD/pax.

  1. Red Holic
Tanjong Pagar Korean food red holic
Red Holic tteokbokki pot

Red Holic opens till 2am so it makes the perfect supper or late night dinner spot. Even if you’re not dining with a group, there’s the option for the miniature Tteokbokki pots, or mandus. Prices are very reasonable for an eatery within city area: approximately 15 SGD/pax.

  1. SBCD Korean Tofu House
Tanjong Pagar Korean food tofu house
Soontofu – must tried food in SBCD Korean Tofu House

As the restaurant’s name, you must try its Soontofu and you will love how natural and homely everything tastes because of their silky smooth handmade tofu that’s absolutely delish. The soup base is super flavourful from all the ingredients inside eg beef clam shrimp and squid. You may have to spend around 30 SGD/pax here.

  1. O.BBa Jjajang
tanjong pagar korean food o.bba jjajang
O.bba Jjajang JJajang myeon (black noodle)

Similar to SBCD Korean Tofu House, since its name has “Jjajang”, jjajang myeon is one of the top dishes here. The noodle is chewy, black bean sauce is well flavoured with a touch of sweet as well, pickles and Kimchi are freshly made in house. The estimated price for 1 pax having is 15 SGD and they have value for money combo for 2 pax as well for both dinner and lunch.

  1. Wang Dae Bak
tanjong pagar korean food wang dae bak

Wang Dae Bak is one of the most popular restaurant in Tanjong Pagar Korean food area. You can grab a lunch set for $18 per pax, but dinner is slightly more expensive as there is more variety for the Korean BBQ (charcoal grill not available for lunch). Hot favourites include the beef tongue and marinated chicken. An average meal is about $30-ish over here. The 2 pax set meal is $48, while the 3 to 4 pax set meal is $88.

  1. Hyang Yeon 
tanjong pagar korean food hyang yeon

In Hyang Yeon Tanjong Pagar Korean food, the set lunch includes 1 stew, 1 meat with rice and side dishes at only 12 SGD. Other korean food are also served around that price. However, the BBQ meat and army stew are more expensive which respectively served at 24 SGD and 40 SGD.

  1. Superstar K
tanjong pagar korean food superstar k

With Superstar K, their stews and soups ($13 to $26) and pancakes ($20 to $26) are kind of affordable, but the barbecue meats are expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can order the cheaper meats like pork belly and jowl ($19 and $23). The cuts of beef cost more – the beef ribs are the most expensive at $36.

  1. Sikdang
Army Stew at Sikdang

In Sikdang Tanjong Pagar Korean food, you can try many Korean dishes at affordable price from fried Chicken at 18 SGD, Grilled Pork Belly at 24 SGD to cheese Bul Dak at 24 SGD, you also can get your protein fix while at the same time sweat it out from the Army Stew with 29 SGD. 

  1. Dosirak
Healthy paper bowl at Dosirak

This restaurant is strongly recommended for healthy Tanjong Pagar Korean food. They serve fantastic and novel korean style salad bowl. You will had a choice of 5 side dishes – with choices like cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, kimchi, edamame, etc. Thought it was quite worth it for a salad bowl, considering some prices can go up to over 10 SGD and add a poached egg for 1 SGD. 

  1. Go! K-BBQ

Tanjong Pagar Korean food are well-served here. For the lunch set, you can choose from bbq pork, fish or chicken, and several soups. The meat and soup are tasty and have various interesting side dishes. And most importantly, The price is really affordable, only around 25 SGD/pax. 


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