Top 5 Korean fried chicken in Singapore you must try

Nowadays, you can easily search “korean fried chicken ASMR” on youtube and enjoy several of videos with attractive sounds of eating korean fried chicken. The flavourful crispy-juicy pieces and beers are just the perfect match. Here are Top 5 Korean fried chicken in Singapore you must try.

  1. Chir Chir Chicken Fusion Factory
korean fried chicken chir chir

You must try the Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory’s Rose Cheese Chiqueen once you decided to go to this restaurant. Crispy chicken tenders are stacked atop a pool of sizzling mozzarella cheese, drenched in a velvety cheese fondue sauce just before the final touches—more shredded cheese. Cheese + fried chicken, throw a bottle of beer into the equation and #TGIF nights are settled. But don’t miss other flavourful fried chickens in here too, each sauce has their own unique taste that will strongly impress you!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

200 Victoria Street, #02-50, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

6251 0598

  1. Bon Chon Chicken
korean fried chicken bonchon

Chicken wings are the highlight of Bonchon, which makes your visit worth it. Just a bite, and you will be addicted to the beautiful taste of the dish as it is so well-marinated and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. You can choose between soy garlic and hot sauce. If you are into spicy food, go with the hot sauce flavor. Those choose to have soy garlic option for the meal will be pleased by the perfect blend of sweetness and slight saltiness of the dish.

Bonchon Chicken

 Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #01-11, Singapore 188067

6884 4768

  1. Jinjja Chicken
korean fried chicken jinjja

Jjinja Chicken is loved by their finger licking good wings! The Soy Garlic are fabulous that the taste is not just the outside or skin of the chicken, it sips through inside the meat. And other flavour for the Korean fried chicken here is yangneom. It is a little spicy only and if you can’t take spicy, the soy flavour is not spicy at all. To differentiate them, the Yangnyeom (spicy) has black sesame seeds while the Soy Garlic has white sesame seeds.

Jinjja Chicken

249 Victoria St, Singapore 188034

6837 0937

  1. 4 Fingers
korean fried chicken 4 fingers

The 4 Finger Crispy Chicken is available also in flavours like spicy or soy. I recalled the hype about it back in their earlier days. Their chicken though flavourfully cooked, the meat was dry and not as tender, perhaps as the chicken is batch fried in advance. Sometimes the chicken does turn out really juicy though and consistency is the issue. The skin however, made up for everything with its crisp and non greasy feel.

4 Fingers Chicken

2 Orchard Turn, #B4-06A, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801 

6463 8011 

  1. Chicken Up
korean fried chicken chicken up

This restaurant is the true world of Korean fried chicken with the presence of many attractive names like Spicy Up Chicken, Mild Up, Curry Up, YangNyum, Soya Chicken, Andong Stew, Popcorn Chicken and Suicide chicken. Each of them has the unique and tasty flavors that will certainly change your minds about fried chicken. At Chicken Up, the not-too-greasy, crunchy chicken skin and succulent, tender meat are what make the dish. Served piping hot on your table, Chicken Up’s crispy and lean version always makes people want more.

Chicken Up

48, #01-01 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088469

6327 1203


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