Korean men hairstyle that fit any form of face

Korean hairstyles are heavily influenced by K-Pop stars and K-drama actors. Hence, the list of Korean men hairstyle that fit any form of face will be really helpful for most of Asia men to look more handsome and fashionable easily.

  1. Two-Block haircut

This is not only a particular Korean men hairstyle but has also become a crowd favourite with young Asian men. With a two-block cut, the sides and lower back are shaved or cut very short and thin, while the crown hair is left short (but not as short) or medium in length.

korean men hairstyle mino
korean men hairstyle taehyung

Winner Mino and BTS V is the two famous K-pop idols to have Two-block haircut!

  1. Angular Fringe
korean men hairstyle

Recently the fringe is making a comeback. More styles are including this essential component of men’s hair as there are several great styles that feature the fringe. The angular fringe haircut can be seen in most “good boy” characteristic in K-drama and in K-pop boy group, there is at least one member with angular fringe style.

  1. Messy hairstyle
korean men hairstyle

This wild, messy style with long locks on top is perfect for the younger crowd. This Korean men hairstyle is every guy’s dream. The simple reason behind that is that it requires very little maintenance and even less styling. Either let it run wild and free (bonus points if it is textured and layered as well) or take some hair wax between your fingers and apply it loosely.

  1. Neat side part
korean men hairstyle

It’s the extra long sides that give this Asian hairstyle a classic look to it. While you’ll need a little more time getting ready in the morning, you’ll have a formal style guaranteed to impress. Many Korean actors are into this Korean men hairstyle because of its “old but gold” feature.

  1. 90s Heartthrob Haircut

Continuing on the above, there is no way Korean men – being as stylish and outgoing as they are – could have missed out on the chance to wear one of the greatest hairstyles of all time, the famous heartthrob haircut of the 90s.


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