“Parasite” makes history at the 2020 Oscar

“Parasite” makes history at the 2020 Oscar as the first foreign film to win “Best Picture”. It also won “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best International Feature Film”, and the third award they nabbed was “Best Directer” for Bong Joon Ho.

PARASITE was the shock big winner of the Oscars 2020 on an emotional night

Parasite is the first Korean film to receive an Oscar award. Bong Joon Ho, Kwak Sin Ae and Han Jin Won are also the first Asians to won the awards of “Best International Feature Film” and “Best Original Screenplay”. As many people already known, “Parasite” is also the first non-English film to win the most precious award at the Oscars. That’s what Mexican film “Roma” (2018) missed at Oscar 2019.

parasite oscar 2020

Parasite went up against fellow foreign language films such as Poland’s Corpus Christi, North Macedonia’s Honeyland, France’s Les Misérables, and Spain’s Pain and Glory.

parasite oscar 2020

In Bong Joon Ho’s speech, he shouted how he wished he could split the award into five and share it with his fellow nominees.

Congratulations to Parasite for winning four awards at the 2020 Oscar!

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