Ha Jung Woo responds to his illegal drugs use report

Ha Jung Woo is reported to have illegal drugs use of Propofol which is a short-acting anesthetic that is highly addictive. Plastic surgery clinics normally administer it to patients undergoing surgery.

It was previously reported in local news outlet that prosecutors were looking into about 10 people suspected of abusing drugs, including a famous actor.

ha jung woo illegal drugs use

Although Ha’s name was not mentioned in the report, rumors spread that he was on the list. Later, an other news outlet reported that the actor had received treatment at the clinic under his brother’s name. His younger brother is said to be the CEO of an entertainment agency with connections to the clinic. 

On February 18, media outlets began reporting that the name of the person who had acquired Propofol at the plastic surgery clinic was “Kim Sung Hoon” and that he had ordered the drugs under the name of “Kim Young Hoon.” Kim Sung Hoon is actor Ha Jung Woo’s real name, and Kim Young Hoon is the name of his younger brother.

Ha Jung Woo drugs use

Ha Jung Woo’s agency company – Walk House has officially responded to the report and denied his illegal drugs use. Read full statement below:

For many years, Ha Jung Woo was concerned about a scar on his face. In January 2019, he was introduced to the director of a clinic that is famous for its laser scar treatment. That director was very eager to help Ha Jung Woo with his scar treatment.

Ha Jung Wo received the strong laser treatment about ten times between January and September 2019. Every time the treatment took place, the clinic director judged that the patient should be put to sleep. There was absolutely no case of drug abuse. After seeing some results from the treatment, he stopped going to the clinic last fall.

We will now explain the issue of ‘receiving the treatment under his actor dongsaeng [younger brother, but can also refer to any younger acquaintance]’s name.’

From the very beginning, the clinic director advocated for privacy and told him to wear a mask and a hat when he came for treatment. In this context, the director asked Ha Jung Woo for the names and personal information of an entertainment agency representative dongsaeng and his manager. Ha Jung Woo assumed this was vaguely related to privacy protection, and because it was a doctor who was requesting it, he gave the information without much suspicion. He does not know what exactly the hospital did with the information, but he never intended to hide the fact that he was receiving treatment.

Even though the hospital director requested it, he is deeply reflecting on the fact that he gave someone else’s personal information in this situation. He also apologizes sincerely to his fans for the misunderstandings that this has caused.

Fortunately, we have text messages from the past few months that confirm Ha Jung Woo’s appointments at the clinic, as well as conversations between him and the hospital director about the treatment and any follow-up procedures. The text messages will clearly show that he only went to the hospital with the goal of treatment in mind.

We ask that people refrain from releasing unconfirmed reports. The agency will eagerly comply with any requests from investigators.

For public artists, it is not helpful to have their names put out by the media in connection with controversial issues. Since our artist did not have anything on his conscience, we hoped that it would naturally die down. However, since the rumors kept spreading, we have decided to put out a statement.

We would like to apologize for causing concern to the fans and others who have always trusted and supported Ha Jung Woo.

Thank you.

Stay tuned for updates of Ha Jung Woo drugs use issue!

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